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Big Mike's Small Engines
Repair Services for the Homeowner
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    Honest, Thorough, Reasonable

    Big Mike's will never up-sell our products or services. YOU decide what gets done...what you can afford. We pledge not to replace any part that doesn't need to be replaced, ever.

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    We are a Low Cost Provider

    Big Mike's diagnostic and hourly rates the most reasonable in the area. Our diagnostic charges are billed in 15 minute increments. We'll get you to a repair or buy new decision fast.

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    We Will Make It Right

    Everybody makes mistakes and we are no different. Should we create an unexpected problem, we'll do what is necessary to make it right. Let us show you the best work ethic in the industry.

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    We Work by Appointment

    Need work done? Call us at 609-472-1741 and we'll tell you when we can take your machine. We won't let it languish outside in the elements for a week or more. No way to get it here? Depending on where you live, we may be able to arrange pick-up and delivery of your equipment.

Below are some of the brands we work on

Oh yeah! Here are some thoughts about our services!


Low cost provider of small engine services
Low Cost

Big Mike's doesn't have to pay employees or store rental fees. Ths saves you $$. If offsite services are required, i.e. welding, machining, etc. the shop rate will change to cover the outside supplier's costs. 

We work by appointment

When we are ready for your machine, we'll call for you to bring it or arrange a pick-up. Our current space is very limited and we are not happy about storing your machine outdoors, even if you don't mind.

Pick-up and delivery service available - maybe

Depending on where you live, pick-up and delivery services may be available. If not, maytbe you have a friend or neighbor who works or visits the area. We will definitely work with you. .

We're friendly!

Didja ever notice how nasty, rude or impatient counter service people can be? We pledge to be calm, pleasant, respectful and helpful. We hope you will be too. Who needs an aggravating service relationship? If we do wrong, we'll make it right.


Environmentally friendly.

We'll refresh your fluids and dispose of the old in the proper way. No dangerous or unethical shortcuts. We use products like Simple Green water based degreasers and cleaners when possible.

Ethical, Honest
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Above all, we pledge to fix only what needs fixing. We will call with suggestions for your machine but there will never be any pressure. Our intent will be to save you a repair cycle in the future. No up-selling (hate that!).

Have a Question? Call Us!
Call Us

Want a quote before we repair so you can make a sound "repair or buy new" decision? We will try to give you a ballpark price over the phone, but we reserve the right to be wrong. Our diagnostic fee is based on time in quarter hour increments. 1-609-472-1741.

We buy and sell used equipment (when available)

Want a quote before Don't want to repair your machine? We may be able to buy it to repair and re-sell. Don't want to pay top dollar for a new equipment? When available, we have refreshed small engine products for sale that we stand behind.


About "Big Mike"

Mike Jensen is a Vietnam-era US Air Force veteran, a business executive, and an entrepreneur.  He still works in  manufacturing bringing a unique perspective on product quality and reliability to small businesses. He was trained as an Automatic Tracking Radar Repairman in the service and received his training at the USAF's Keesler Technical Training Center in electronics for a year in Biloxi, Mississippi. 

After the military, Mike returned to New Jersey to begin a career in manufacturing that would span 40 plus years. The "Big Mike" moniker was started by friends of his daughter and gets thrown around every now and then. It just seemed to fit with the "small" in Small Engine service and repair...definitely used "tongue in cheek".  He has served his community, his industry, and has chaired the Philadelphia Section of the American Society for Quality, one of the largest ASQ sections in the country. He is a SCUBA diver, an avid motorcyclist, and a shooting sports activist. He has a love for "anything with a motor". 

His business philosophy has always been "do the very best you can and honor your commitments". A handshake when a deal is struck is all he needs. It signifies all that it did in days gone by, his word is his bond.